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How to fill out a PPI Questionnaire

What do I put on my PPI Claim Form?  Filling out a PPI questionnaire is quite straightforward.

The form can be downloaded from the internet for you to print out at home.  Then all you need to do is fill it in.  But what do you put on it?

On your PPI questionnaire,

Section A is general details about you.  You will fill in:

Your Surname, First names and Title,

Date of Birth and full Address,

Telephone numbers will also be helpful, as will an email address

You need to specify the name of the financial business that you are complaining about

You should also give the Policy Number of the Payment Protection Insurance policy number.  In many cases you will not know this policy number, all you will have is a credit card number, or mortgage account number that PPI was on.  If that’s all you have, fill in this information.


Section B on the PPI questionnaire is about how the payment protection insurance was sold to you.

Write the date the policy was taken out, or if you are not sure, write in a date as close as possible, even if it is only the year.

Was the policy for you on your own, or for a partner as well?

Fill in where the selling of PPI took place, if you can remember, eg, did you fill in a leaflet or was it over the phone.

Do you remember if the bank advised you to take out PPI?  If so, say so.

Did you pay for your PPI all at once, up front, or was there a small payment every month in your monthly statement?

You will also need to state whether the PPI is still running.  For example, are you still paying monthly PPI premiums in your monthly bill.

Finally it will ask if you have made a claim on your PPI, i.e. did you need to use the PPI to cover a period in your life when you could not make your monthly bills?


Section C of the PPI questionnaire is about the purpose of the loan or credit card that you took out PPI on.

Was it a loan, credit card, mortgage, store card, etc?

Why were you applying for this loan, credit card, etc?

Were you borrowing to pay off other loans, for example, consolidating a number of loans into one larger loan?

Have you kept up to date with the regular PPI payments, or have you ever missed any of the payments?


Section D of the PPI questionnaire is about your personal circumstances at the time you took out the PPI

Were you employed at the time?

Has your employment status changed since then?

What work were you doing and what was the name of the company you worked for?

Say how long you had worked for this company

Were there any workplace benefits that would have provided you with pay, even if you had an accident or were off sick for a period of time, or were made redundant?

Did you have any savings that would have covered your monthly bills in the event of losing your income?

Did you have any medical conditions?


Section E of the PPI questionnaire is more general and you can write what you want.  But you need to explain in simple terms how and why you were sold the PPI.

Include as many details of the policy as you can, including credit card or loan numbers.  Any details you can provide will speed up the process of your claim so that the bank doesn’t have to write back to you.

And finally, but most importantly, why you are unhappy with the PPI and why do you believe it was missold.

Write as much as you think is necessary to explain your case.  Make sure that someone else can easily grasp what you are trying to say.  Maybe ask a friend or family member if they can understand it.  If you need an extra page to fully explain your situation, feel free to attach a blank page and write more on it.  Try not to waffle though, keep your points simple, direct and straightforward.

Try to stick to the facts, rather than telling a sob story.  State the facts as they are, and let them decide whether you have a valid PPI complaint.

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