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Beware Software Upgrade of Girlfriend 1.0 to Wife 1.0 Pro

Many years ago I installed the free software Girlfriend 1.0 on my hardware and I found it to be an excellent package.  It was lightweight and feature-rich and everything I was looking for at the time.  However, after some time had passed I found that the free trial period was due to expire.  Following the manufacturer’s recommended upgrade path I replaced Girlfriend 1.0 with the rather expensive but permanently resident upgrade Wife 1.0 Pro. Continue reading

Phone call from ‘Microsoft’ about a Virus is a Scam

There is a very common cold calling scam where you receive a phone call from a company claiming to be ‘Microsoft’ or a Microsoft approved service provider, and they are calling about a virus on your computer.

Quite often the caller has a thick Indian accent and they say that your computer is reporting errors or warnings and is infected with a virus.  They say that they have been alerted by your computer and want to provide you with help and support to remove this virus.  For a price… Continue reading