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How to Make a PPI Claim against RBS

Did you have PPI with RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) bank account or credit card? Here’s how to make a Payment Protection Insurance claim against them.

Like most financial institutions, RBS make it very straightforward to make a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim against them.

They have set aside an increasingly huge pot of money to settle the large number of PPI claims, and if you have a valid PPI complaint against RBS, you should receive a full refund from them after following a few simple steps.

Make Your RBS PPI Claim Yourself

I have mentioned how important it is to make a PPI claim yourself, rather than using a claims management company, in various other PPI articles, so I won’t repeat myself unnecessarily.  But as you know your own financial situation the best, you should be the one to fill in the form.  After all, that’s all that a claims management company will really do on your behalf.

Also, if your PPI claim is successful, the claims management company will take a percentage of your refund.  They may also ask for an upfront fee, regardless of the outcome of your PPI claim, so if your complaint is declined you will be even more out of pocket.

It is completely free to make a PPI claim against RBS yourself, so save yourself some money and try to avoid the claims management companies.

Fill In the RBS PPI Claim Form

The first thing you need to do before making a PPI claim against RBS is to download the RBS PPI Claim Form and print it out.

This is their standard form and it makes it much simpler to complete a PPI claim.  RBS make it easy to file a Payment Protection Insurance claim, but part of that process is that you, the customer, make it as easy as possible for RBS to assess your basis for a claim.

So rather than writing them a random letter that may or may not include all of the information they need, RBS use this standard questionnaire, so that in the majority of cases you will only need to send information to them once. It should save them having to write back to you for clarification or more details about your complaint.

Not all parts of the standard PPI claim form will be relevant to you, it is very important that you take your time and fill in as much as possible in the sections that are relevant to you.  This PPI claim form, once completed, will form the entire basis of your PPI complaint, so take your time and do it right.

Address for RBS PPI Complaints

When you have filled in and signed your Payment Protection Insurance claim form, simply put it in an envelope and sent it to this address,

PPI Customer Concerns Team,
Royal Bank of Scotland Group,
5th Floor,
Hardman Boulevard,
M3 3AQ

RBS will write to you within a week to acknowledge receipt of your PPI complaint, and they will provide an estimate of when you should hear back from them with a decision.  Depending on your individual circumstances, RBS might request additional information from you, to enable them to fully assess your PPI claim.

Then just sit back and wait, and if you have a valid PPI complaint, you should receive your final decision within 8 weeks.  If they offer you a refund and you accept it, you should receive your refund within a further 28 days.


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  1. Patience and persistence can be vital in making a successful claim – qualities that paid off handsomely and saved the business of one man who has received nearly ?

  2. I opened a credit card account with RBS in 1992.At the time I was self employed and in fact used the card for business transactions.
    I ceased being Self Employed in 1994 but have kept the account open until now.
    There is no mention of PPI on my recent statements but I have not kept statements that are over 12 months old.
    Could I have been paying PPI in the earlier years ?

  3. Hi there. I am in 1 year into a 2 year loan. Do I need to wait til after my loan is finished to claim ppi or can i do it during? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • You can claim your PPI at any time during the term of the loan. However you should cancel the PPI part of the loan first. You can’t claim for missold PPI and also continue to pay PPI premiums on the loan for the next year at the same time.

  4. Do I get any ppi from rbs

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