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How to Make a PPI Claim against MBNA

As a reputable financial company, MBNA actually make it very easy to make a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim against them.

MBNA have set aside a very large pot of money to settle PPI claims, and if you have a valid PPI complaint, then you should receive a refund from them without any undue complications.

To file your PPI claim all you need to do is follow MBNA’s simple guidelines, fill in the relevant PPI forms and send them to the correct place.

Here’s how to do it.

Make Your MBNA PPI Claim Yourself

One option people use is to employ a claims management company to make the MBNA PPI claim on their behalf.  While they may have some success, I see two main problems with this option.

– First, they don’t really know you, or all of your specific details, so when they make the PPI complaint on your behalf, they will be doing so using second hand information.  And you don’t really know what information they will use to make your PPI claim to MBNA.

-Second, if you are successful, they will take a percentage of your refund.  Additionally, they may ask for an upfront fee, regardless of the outcome of your PPI complaint, so if your claim is declined, you will be more out of pocket than you were before.

MBNA themselves will not charge you to make a PPI complaint, so save yourself some money and avoid the claims management companies.  You know most about your own financial circumstances, so stay in control by putting in the claim yourself.

Fill In the MBNA PPI Claim Form

The first thing you need to do before making a PPI claim against MBNA is to download the standard PPI Questionnaire and print it out.

This is a standard form that makes it much simpler to make a PPI claim against MBNA.  I have said above that MBNA make it straightforward to make a Payment Protection Insurance claim, but part of that process is that you, the customer, make it as easy as possible for MBNA to assess your basis for a claim.

So instead of writing them a random letter that may or may not include all of the information they will need, MBNA use the standard questionnaire, so that in most cases you will only need to send information to them once. It should save them having to write back to you for clarification or more details about your complaint.

While not all parts of the standard form will be applicable to you, it is important that you take your time and fill in as much as possible in the sections that are relevant to your MBNA PPI Claim.  This form, once completed, will most likely form the entire basis of your PPI complaint, so do it right.

Address for MBNA PPI Complaints

PPI Claim Pack

DIY PPI Claim Pack

When you have completed your Payment Protection Insurance Questionnaire, simply put it in an envelope and send it to this address,

The Customer Advocate Office – PPI
MBNA Europe Bank Limited
PO BOX 1004
Chester Business Park

MBNA will write to you within a few weeks to confirm receipt of your PPI complaint, and they will provide an estimate of when you should hear back from them with a decision.  Depending on your individual circumstances, MBNA might request additional information from you, to enable them to fully assess your PPI claim.

Then sit back and wait, and if you have a valid PPI complaint against MBNA, hopefully you will soon receive your refund.

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  1. could you please supply me with account no from years ago.address could be [removed]

  2. Hi.
    i wonder if you can help me please.
    your claim link is not accessible I’m afraid.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for letting me know. MBNA moved the claim form on their website, so I have now updated the link in this article to point to the correct location.

  3. ppi claim Scotland

    Some explanations why you may have been missold PPI include:

    it wasn’t clarified that PPI was optional;

    you thought getting PPI was an ailment, or might boost your odds, of obtaining a mortgage or other
    kind of credit;

    the policy was included with your mortgage without your knowledge;

    it wasn’t made clear the PPI cover could stop prior to the
    loan or credit was repaid.
    In case you are not sure whether your coverage was mis sold you need
    to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    There are many firms that provide to submit statements for mis sold PPI,
    frequently referred to as claim handlers, states corporations or claims management companies (CMCs).

    If you do decide on a claim trainer you should carefully consider whether
    to pay for an upfront charge before your complaint is presented, as there
    is no promise it’ll achieve success and you may be overlooked of pocket.

    PPI state handlers typically maintain up to 30% of the return, so if you get a £5,000 refund you’d have to pay £1,500 of it to
    a state handler.

    Should you make a claim yourself, you will acquire every one of
    any refund you are entitled to.

    Step 4: Complain for your lender

    It’s best to write for them providing just as much information as you could concerning the plan you’re worrying about and start to become obvious about why
    you think the coverage was mis-sold.

    The firm or bank has ten days to answer, suggesting whether your complaint has been effective or why it wants more hours to appear into it.

    If your loan was organized with a corporation that’s
    nolonger trading, however, you feel it may have missold you PPI, you must contact the Financial Services Compensation Program (FSCS) to find out steps
    to make a state.

    Step 5: Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service

    You can deliver the FOS’s free PPI claim type
    (doc) to them even although you already employed it to complain towards the
    corporation or bank that offered you PPI.

    It is essential that you contact the FOS within six months of
    receiving a final response in the corporation, or even the FOS may possibly not be able to deal with
    your issue.

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