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How to Make a PPI Claim against Lloyds TSB

Lloyds PPI Claims – Lloyds TSB, like similar reputable financial associations, make it very straightforward to make a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim against them.

They have set aside a large pot of money to settle Lloyds PPI claims, and if you have a valid PPI complaint with valid reasons to claim against them, you should receive a PPI refund from Lloyds TSB without any unnecessary delay.

Here’s how to do it.

Make Your Lloyds TSB PPI Claim Yourself

You can of course use a claims management company to make the Lloyds PPI claim on your behalf.  While they may succeed in some cases, there are two main problems with this.

– First, they don’t know you, or any of your specific details, so when they make the PPI complaint to Lloyds on your behalf, they will be doing so using second hand information.  And you don’t really know what they will use to make your Lloyds PPI claim.

-Second, if you are successful, they will take a percentage of your refund.  Additionally, they may ask for an upfront fee from you, regardless of whether your Lloyds PPI claim succeeds or not, so if your claim is declined, you will be even more out of pocket than you were before.

Lloyds TSB will not charge you to make a PPI claim, so save yourself some money and avoid the claims management companies.  You are the person that knows the most about your own financial circumstances, so stay in control by submitting the claim yourself.  It’s EASY!

Fill In the Lloyds TSB PPI Claim Form

The first thing you need to do before making a PPI claim against Lloyds TSB is to download the standard PPI Questionnaire from the Financial Ombudsman Service and print it out.

This is a standard PPI claim form used across the financial services industry and it makes it so much simpler to make a Lloyds PPI claim.  I have said above that Lloyds TSB make it straightforward to make a Payment Protection Insurance claim, but part of that process is that you, the customer, make it as easy as possible for them to assess your basis for a claim and whether it is valid.

So instead of writing them a random letter that may or may not include all of the information they will need, Lloyds TSB use the standard questionnaire above, so that in most cases you will only need to send information to them once about your Lloyds PPI. It should save them having to write back to you for clarification or for additional information about your complaint.

While not all parts of the standard PPI claim form will be applicable to you and your Lloyds PPI claim, it is important that you take your time and fill in as much as possible in the sections that are relevant to you.  This form, once completed, will most likely form the entire basis of your Lloyds PPI complaint, so spend the time and do it right!

Reasons for successful PPI Claims against Lloyds TSB

When completing your PPI questionnaire, you need to ask yourself what it was about your Lloyds policy that makes you think you were missold PPI.  You can’t just submit a PPI complaint to Lloyds without a good reason.

Too many people have heard about PPI claims refunds and want to just jump on the bandwagon, but without valid reasons your PPI complaint may be rejected.

So what types of reasons may be acceptable when making a PPI claim against Lloyds TSB? You need to ask yourself whether any of these questions apply to you.

Do you believe that the PPI tickbox was already ticked on your Lloyds policy application form?

Did you have another source of income or insurance that would have covered your policy repayments in the event of being long term sick or becoming unemployed, rather than needing separate PPI from Lloyds?

Were you self employed, unemployed or working low numbers of hours when you applied for your Lloyds TSB policy?

Were you under 18 or over 65 when you applied for your financial product through Lloyds TSB?

Did you have a pre-existing medical condition when you applied for your policy with Lloyds?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may have a valid complaint against Lloyds TSB in regard to the way your PPI policy was sold to you.  If PPI was missold, you may be due a refund of your PPI from Lloyds.

Address for Lloyds TSB PPI Complaints

When you have completed your Payment Protection Insurance Questionnaire, simply put it in an envelope and send it to this address,

Lloyds TSB,
PPI Customer Services,

Lloyds TSB will write to you within a few weeks to confirm receipt of your PPI complaint, and they should provide an estimate of when you should hear back from them with a decision.

Depending on the circumstances of your PPI complaint, Lloyds TSB might request some more information from you, to enable them to fully assess your claim.

Then just sit back and wait, and if you have a valid PPI complaint against Lloyds, you will hopefully receive your refund within 28 days of the decision being made in your favour.  In addition, if you are due interest on your Lloyds PPI premium payments, you will receive that interest on top of your refund of actual payments.

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  1. The Royal Bank of Scotland refunded me £3000 for loan and overdraft PPI. I only ever had an overdraft with Lloyds/TSB who insist that the personal overdraft protection I had to pay to get the account was NOT PPI. Their forms are designed to count out overdraft protection insurance for no good reason.

  2. I am concerned about my friend who has a mild learning disability which is clearly visible when confronted with lots of financial information. He is on a very low wage and is struggling with bank charges going back several years, a mortgage which he was persuaded to transfer from his old bank and critical illness insurance…all this was conducted by Lloyds Bank, leaving my friend struggling and anxious everyday.
    I have to wonder how his mortgage (originally £59,000, which I believe he began to pay 16 years ago with £20,00 off that sum as a deposit given by his mother, leaving him with only approximately £39, 000 to pay, everything taken into account, then why after being persuaded by Lloyds TSB to leave the Halifax, is he left with £30,000 still to pay on his mortgage almost upon retiring, how will he pay this upon retirement as well as fines on overdrafts. This can’t be right. My friend is in such a state about it all because of his very obvious ‘problems’ which have always rendered him rather childlike and suffering depression and tics, why oh why did Lloyds TSB do this to him and how on earth can we put things straight. He hoards things and all his papers are all over the place so I can’t get the full picture to help him fully. His mum died and he had no-one to advise him when Lloyds TSB persuaded him to transfer his mortgage in 2012 and I only met up with him again recently and saw the terrible state he was in.

    • hi Nicola,
      I know this was a while ago but did you manage to help your friend out? What a terrible and unfair situation… I hope you have found somebody that could look into that.

  3. I had ppi on my account

  4. Banks ? Get what you can out of them,they,ve had more than enough out of us over the years ,,,,

  5. I caught Lloyds mis-selling insurances, loans and overdraft to my disabled son. They have a legal document showing I have authority over my son’s financial transactions.
    Naturally, they admitted mis-selling and refunded all insurances paid plus token compensation.
    However, they decided the THREE loans (around £12,500) were not mis-sold.
    More astonishing, the FO has let them get away with it!
    Little wonder so many people reckon the FO to be corrupt also. I’m afraid, I believe this must be the case.
    Lloyds? The most complained about business in UK. I’m not surprised.

  6. Can I have a claim ppi money refund

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