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PPI Calculator

How much can you claim back on your PPI refund? Use our simple, free PPI calculator to work out how much you might get back in PPI redress.  You can use this as your credit card PPI reclaim calculator.

PPI was often missold on loans, mortgages and credit cards.  Each of these products will have different rules and procedures for calculating your PPI refund.

Calculate PPI refunds easily with this PPI calculator.

In fact, different banks may interpret the refund guidelines slightly differently.

But at the core of it, you should get back the PPI premiums you originally paid with 8% simple interest added.

In the case of a credit card, your provider will rebuild each of your affected statements without the PPI premiums and see if it made any difference to the interest or charges that were applied. Technically you should get any difference back on top of your PPI premiums.

You can use a spreadsheet or formula to calculate your PPI refund but why not use the PPI calculator below to estimate it quickly and easily online.

If you have been missold PPI then you are entitled to a full and complete refund, with interest.

To get a rough idea of how much of a refund you might be entitled to, enter your details into our easy to use PPI Calculator.

This is a simple instant, online PPI calculator as a guide towards PPI redress schemes.

This online PPI calculator form does not record or store your details in any way.

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