Star Wars Celebration London 2016 – All Stage Panel Videos

Star Wars Celebration was held in London, England in July 2016 and the videos from the stage panels were recorded by the organisers and made available for the public.

The main Celebration Stage hosted panels with guests including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Kathleen Kennedy, and the cast the crew of upcoming Star Wars films including Rogue One, Star Wars Episode 8 and the as yet untitled Han Solo standalone movie.

The Galaxy Stage saw presentations that dig deeper into the rich Star Wars material, art, story telling and technology.

The official Star Wars YouTube page has put up videos captured at the stage panels and I have linked to these official videos in an easy to follow schedule for those unable to be there in person.  Enjoy. Continue reading

How will Brexit affect the value of my Pension

Will my private pension be worth less after Brexit?  Good question. The answer may be different for people with different pension plans.

Note: For the purposes of brevity, when I say pension in this article, I am referring to private pensions, pensions you are funding with contributions throughout your working life, not the state pension. Continue reading

Storing sugar for the long term

Sugar can be stored for a very long time, but you need to take some precautions to avoid problems.  White granulated sugar, finer caster sugar sugar, brown sugar (Demerera sugar) and even powdered sugar (icing sugar) can all be stored for the long term.

OK so some people may not consider sugar as an essential in their disaster larder. Sugar gets a bad name, but you can bake with sugar, cook with sugar, and generally use sugar to sweeten up otherwise plain food. If you ever need to rely solely on your disaster larder, a little bit of something sweet could be just what you need! Continue reading

Moved house and trying to claim on PPI?

Have you moved house and trying to claim on your old PPI?  Should you use your old or new address on the PPI claim form?

If you have moved house since closing the account, which of your addresses should you put on the complaint? Continue reading

Zopa introduces new lending products

Zopa are introducing new lending options for its lenders starting in March 2016, but monthly lending is still missing.

I have been critical of Zopa in the past when comparing to the lending flexibility of RateSetter but let’s see how Zopa’s new lending products compare. Continue reading

January 2016 proves once again that cancer doesn’t care

January 2016 has been a brutal month where cancer has killed many well loved icons of the entertainment world.

The popular, if tongue in cheek, analogy is that it’s like the Game of Thrones author George R R Martin is writing the script for 2016 instead of finishing his next long overdue book. It’s like all your favourite characters are being killed off in a senseless fashion, enough to make the Red Wedding seem tame by comparison. Continue reading

Deadline looms for new PPI Claims

What is the PPI deadline? Is time running out to make a PPI claim? Or is it already too late to make a PPI Claim?

With the PPI saga that has been running for years, you might think that your chance to claim back missold PPI has expired.

It hasn’t, yet, but with proposals being discussed about a PPI deadline, it is clear that the current situation cannot last forever. Continue reading

The Common Cold – Prevention, Timeline & Treatment

A ‘common cold’ can be a real annoyance for a few days. Headache, runny nose, temperature. It’s not pleasant but we get over it in a few days.

A dose of the cold is something most of us have to deal with at least once a year. But we are often not prepared for it and forget how to deal with it, even though it is a semi-regular guest in our lives.

Let’s look at what to expect with the common cold, the timeline of symptoms,  and how to treat the cold. Continue reading

PPI Calculator

How much can you claim back on your PPI refund? Use our simple, free PPI calculator to work out how much you might get back in PPI redress.  You can use this as your credit card PPI reclaim calculator.

PPI was often missold on loans, mortgages and credit cards.  Each of these products will have different rules and procedures for calculating your PPI refund.

Calculate PPI refunds easily with this PPI calculator. Continue reading