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Getting a Divorce – The Whole Process from Start to Finish

If you have decided to get a divorce from your partner, make sure you are well informed.  Read all the articles about who can apply for a divorce, how long does a divorce take and what happens to your money and property in a divorce.

Getting a divorce in Northern Ireland is similar, but not exactly the same, as the rest of the UK.  There are important notable differences in the divorce process.  This guide will take you through the steps involved in getting divorced and any Northern Ireland differences will be highlighted.

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What if a spouse won’t respond to divorce petition

What can you do if your husband or wife will not respond to a divorce petition?

If you and your solicitor have served a divorce petition on your spouse, they are instructed by the paperwork to respond within a set period of time.  They need to reply to say whether they will defend the divorce or not.  What happens if they do not respond? Continue reading