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Zopa introduces new lending products

Zopa are introducing new lending options for its lenders starting in March 2016, but monthly lending is still missing.

I have been critical of Zopa in the past when comparing to the lending flexibility of RateSetter but let’s see how Zopa’s new lending products compare. Continue reading

Zopa vs RateSetter Lending Comparison October 2015

RateSetter remains well ahead of Zopa in terms of its range of investment options and interest rates available in the peer to peer lending marketplace.

Let’s compare Zopa with RateSetter in October 2015.

Having reviewed my investments with both RateSetter and Zopa, it is easy to see RateSetter coming out on top. Continue reading

RateSetter Lending Review

RateSetter lenders review – Reviews of RateSetter peer-to-peer loans from a lender perspective. A flexible and fun way to match lenders with borrowers. Follow my step by step guide to saving with RateSetter. Continue reading

Zopa Lenders: Frequently Asked Questions

Zopa can be a great way to beat the average savings account. You invest in Zopa, they lend your money to creditworthy borrowers and you get your money back with interest when the borrowers repay their loans.

So as a lender or investor, what do you need to know? Continue reading

Zopa Peer 2 Peer Lending & Borrowing

Zopa is the longest established and highly successful player in the peer-2-peer lending and borrowing marketplace.

Like other peer-2-peer lenders, Zopa is mostly funded by members of the UK public who have a bit of spare cash they want to invest.  Those investments are used to provide very competitive loans to other members of the public. Continue reading