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PPI Calculator

How much can you claim back on your PPI refund? Use our simple, free PPI calculator to work out how much you might get back in PPI redress.  You can use this as your credit card PPI reclaim calculator.

PPI was often missold on loans, mortgages and credit cards.  Each of these products will have different rules and procedures for calculating your PPI refund.

Calculate PPI refunds easily with this PPI calculator. Continue reading

Mortgage Calculator – Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Use our handy mortgage calculator to work out your monthly mortgage payments and check how much you can afford to borrow.

The exact amount you have to pay each month might depend on your bank or building society, and any charges / fees that they might add to the mortgage loan as part of giving you credit.  Look out for setup fees, product reservation fees and home valuation charges.

But the calculator below will give you a very good guide to your expected monthly payments. Continue reading