Beyonce singing Sami Hyypia’s Crazy Right Now – Crazy In Love

So this is about mis-heard song lyrics. Just a bit of fun. But I’m sure everyone has at some time been listening to a song, maybe out in a bar, when you think, did they just say ….?

Well here’s a good one. ¬†Beyonce’s Crazy In Love was on the radio all the time a few years ago. ¬†One night a Liverpool supporter suggested she was singing about Sami Hyypia, a well loved and respected defender that played for Liverpool Football Club at the time.

It might sound silly, but listen again sometime and maybe you’ll hear,

“Sami Hyypia’s Crazy Right Now”


“Sami Hyypia Save Me Right Now”

And once you get it into your head, that’s all you can hear! It doesn’t matter that you know perfectly well that’s not what Beyonce is singing. It sticks with you.

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