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Early check-in at Riu Monica hotel in Nerja Spain

Can you check-in early at the Riu Monica hotel in Nerja, Spain?

OK so I stay at the Riu Monica hotel in Nerja quite a lot. At least once a year for the last half dozen years. But this time I was due to arrive early.

The way my flights worked out I usually arrived at the Riu Monica hotel in the evening. This year Easyjet have changed their flight schedules and my flight to Malaga arrived around 10am. So after collecting luggage and the taxi trip to Nerja, I would arrive at the hotel around 11:30am.

On the website it says check-in starts at 3pm, so I wondered what would happen.

I emailed the hotel and they were really helpful saying that rooms might be available early but regardless they could store my luggage in their secure room beside reception.

So that put my mind at rest.

On the day I arrived at the Riu Monica hotel early, sure enough it was around 11:30am. I went to reception and asked if it was too early to check-in. The helpful, friendly staff member joked that it was never too early to check-in.

We did the check-in process and signed the various documents. He said he couldn’t give me the key as the room wasn’t ready yet from the previous guest but he took my bags into the room behind reception.

I didn’t need to, but they checked if I wanted to get changed into any of the clothes in my cases before they took the bags, I’m sure some people would want to do this after a long flight.

All in all, a very smooth process, and no-one should have any doubts about arriving early for check-in at the Riu Monica hotel. As always, the staff are friendly and helpful, and will work around any issue you have.

Do you have a question about the Riu Monica hotel in Nerja? I’d be glad to give some impartial advice.

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