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Why do I pay tax on my PPI refund?

Paying tax on my PPI refund – Why is there tax deducted from my PPI interest payment?

If your bank has agreed to your PPI complaint they will provide you with a full breakdown of the refund calculation.

The total of your premiums will be shown in the calculation along with any interest that you have been given on that total. The standard practice is for banks to apply an 8% simple interest on your total PPI premiums. Continue reading

PPI Claim Address List for All Banks

When you are making a PPI Claim from your bank, building society, credit card provider, loan provider, etc, it is very important that you send your completed PPI Claim Form to the correct address.

After all, if you want a PPI refund from your bank, you want to make sure they receive it.

Here are some of the common addresses you will need. Continue reading

How will Brexit affect the value of my Pension

Will my private pension be worth less after Brexit?  Good question. The answer may be different for people with different pension plans.

Note: For the purposes of brevity, when I say pension in this article, I am referring to private pensions, pensions you are funding with contributions throughout your working life, not the state pension. Continue reading

Moved house and trying to claim on PPI?

Have you moved house and trying to claim on your old PPI?  Should you use your old or new address on the PPI claim form?

If you have moved house since closing the account, which of your addresses should you put on the complaint? Continue reading

Zopa introduces new lending products

Zopa are introducing new lending options for its lenders starting in March 2016, but monthly lending is still missing.

I have been critical of Zopa in the past when comparing to the lending flexibility of RateSetter but let’s see how Zopa’s new lending products compare. Continue reading

Deadline looms for new PPI Claims

What is the PPI deadline? Is time running out to make a PPI claim? Or is it already too late to make a PPI Claim?

With the PPI saga that has been running for years, you might think that your chance to claim back missold PPI has expired.

It hasn’t, yet, but with proposals being discussed about a PPI deadline, it is clear that the current situation cannot last forever. Continue reading

Zopa vs RateSetter Lending Comparison October 2015

RateSetter remains well ahead of Zopa in terms of its range of investment options and interest rates available in the peer to peer lending marketplace.

Let’s compare Zopa with RateSetter in October 2015.

Having reviewed my investments with both RateSetter and Zopa, it is easy to see RateSetter coming out on top. Continue reading