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Delaware North Companies on my debit card statement

What is the Delaware North Companies transaction that is appearing on my debit card statement?

I recently checked my bank statement and there is a transaction I don’t recognise from DELAWARE NORTH COMPANIES.

I had been in London for the weekend and started to worry when I’m seeing unusual transactions on my account.

After much head scratching and trying to retrace my steps for the day in question I have worked it out.

I was at Wembley Stadium for the recent NFL american football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

One of the bars that I visited inside the stadium didn’t take cash, although that was not obvious until I had ordered and tried to pay.

So I had to pay for two beers with my debit card. The amount I paid matches this unknown transaction from Delaware North Companies.

Whew, panic over!

After a bit more research I have found that Delaware North are apparently the main provider of food & drink services and hospitality at Wembley Stadium. Who knew? I’d never heard of them myself but it seems they are a large company offering these services in various large stadiums around the world.

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  1. Credit Card companies should be required by the FCA toinclude the LOCATION of a transaction on our statements.

    This would reduce the number of inbound calls they get querying unknown items.

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