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How to Wash Your Dog

We all love our dogs and part of looking after them is making sure they get a bath when they need it.  New owners can be understandably nervous the first time, so here’s a simple guide on how to wash your dog.

It is important not to bathe your dog too often as it can remove the oils from their hair, but a good bath every now and then can make them feel a lot better if they are getting a bit smelly, itchy or dirty.

The easiest place to wash your dog, assuming it is a small to medium sized dog, is in the bath in your bathroom.  But beware – close the door in case they jump out and make a run for it, and keep plenty of towels ready as they could make a real mess of your bathroom if they start to shake.

Before you start, make sure you have everything you will need in advance.

– Shampoo (ideally dog shampoo with an anti-flea ingredient rather than your own hair shampoo)

– Towels

– Warm water

– A jug

Run some warm water (not too hot) into the bottom of the bath, just a couple of inches and pop your dog into the bath.

Start by wetting all of the dog’s hair by pouring some of the warm water over him with the jug or using a shower head.

Put some shampoo into the jug and dilute with some water.

Pour some of the shampoo from the jug over the dog, starting from the head and chest.  Make sure to avoid getting any in the eyes.

Massage well into the hair.  You might want to use a facecloth to wash their face.

Continue down their back, legs, feet, under their belly and tail, massaging as you go.

Using clean warm water, rinse out the shampoo using the jug or shower head, massaging as you go.  At this stage it might be useful to let all the water drain out of the bath, it will make it easier to rinse him off if he is not standing in soapy water.

Get ready with the towels!  Try not to let your dog shake while in the bathroom.  Wrap them in a towel and lift them out of the bath.  Give them a good drying off with the towels.  Some dogs will let you dry them with a hairdryer but others will be terrified of the noise and hot air.

When dry enough, let them outside for a good shake and a run around.  Make sure not to let them stay wet for too long or they could get a chill.  Use a brush to try to avoid tangled hair.

I hope you found this guide on how to wash your dog useful.


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