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Save on Holiday Parking at Belfast International Airport

Save yourself a fortune by pre-booking your holiday parking at Belfast International Airport long stay car park.

If have flown out of Belfast International Airport, you will know that there are now a number of different car parks on the airport site.  There is the Short Stay Car Park, the Long Stay Car Park and there’s what they call the Main Car Park.

Not to forget, they also now charge a fee for the Drop Off / Pick Up area.

So Beware, if you drive into the airport site, there is no way to get out without paying some sort of fee.  There is no free drive-through option.

If you are going on holiday, anything from a long weekend to a fortnight in the sun, your cheapest option will usually be the Long Stay Car Park.

But Beware, if you just turn up on the day and drive in to the Long Stay Car Park, it will cost you a small fortune.  Depending on your length of stay, you can expect to pay up to £12 per day!

On the other hand, if you pre-book your parking in the Long Stay Car Park it will be massively cheaper.  For example, a fortnight’s holiday parking pre-booked in the Long Stay Car Park at Belfast International Airport could be as cheap as £3.50 per day. Now that’s much more like it.

Pre-booking your holiday parking is often one of those things we forget, but when you see the savings that are to be made, compared with turning up on the day, it is one of the first things you should sort out as soon as you book your holiday.

And then you can avoid a nasty shock on your return home, and have more cash for the important things like enjoying your holiday.

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