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Why do I feel more hungry on days I eat breakfast?

I have been going without breakfast for around 15 years, basically since I left university and started work.  I tend to get up shortly before I need to leave the house.  Just enough time for a shower, etc, and then out the door.  There just doesn’t seem like there is time for the ritual of breakfast, so I have been skipping it.

I’ve recently started a trial of eating breakfast and strangely I am now starving hungry at different points in the day! Continue reading

Someone at the airport guilts you into not getting the full cooked breakfast

OK, picture the scene.  You are going on holiday.  You’ve been up since 3am to get ready, drive to the airport and check in a couple of hours before your flight.  You’ve checked in, dropped off your bags and now your stomach is growling.

You go to the cafe and they have the usual fare, croissants, toast, danish pastries, muffins and various combinations of cooked breakfast.  You’ve got your eyes on the full cooked breakfast.  You tell yourself you deserve it after the long morning you’ve just had.  Couple of sausages, bacon, egg, toast, beans, tomato, black & white pudding.  Your stomach says Yes! Continue reading