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Someone at the airport guilts you into not getting the full cooked breakfast

OK, picture the scene.  You are going on holiday.  You’ve been up since 3am to get ready, drive to the airport and check in a couple of hours before your flight.  You’ve checked in, dropped off your bags and now your stomach is growling.

You go to the cafe and they have the usual fare, croissants, toast, danish pastries, muffins and various combinations of cooked breakfast.  You’ve got your eyes on the full cooked breakfast.  You tell yourself you deserve it after the long morning you’ve just had.  Couple of sausages, bacon, egg, toast, beans, tomato, black & white pudding.  Your stomach says Yes!

But before you can put your tray down, someone in your group is banging on about “Have you seen the price of that cooked breakfast!  Nearly a tenner!  That’s outrageous!  That’s a complete rip off!  You won’t catch me getting one of those!  Let’s just have a muffin.”

Your heart sinks.  You can’t do it now, can you.  You’ve just been completely shamed and guilted out of going for what you want.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t the most expensive thing you’ll be eating this holiday.  You’ve paid maybe a grand for this break and you’ll likely be paying through the nose once you get there.  So although £10 might be overpriced and what you get will be smaller than you hoped, it’s a small drop in the ocean of expense.  Get over yourself.

And finally, to add insult to injury, as you unenthusiastically tuck into your unwanted muffin, they say “But get whatever you want.  Don’t let me stop you.  Go for a full fry if you fancy it.”  Too Late Now!






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