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The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

Michael Mosley is a medical journalist who was interested in various forms of diet regimes. He went around the world researching various weight loss options and made a documentary for the BBC about his findings. His book The Fast Diet came out of the work for the documentary.

This diet, sometimes referred to as the 5:2 diet, the two day diet or the fast diet, has been subjected to a number of scientific trials and there appears to be evidence for the benefits of intermittent fasting. Continue reading

Review Drinking and Tweeting by Brandi Glanville

If you follow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you will already know Brandi Glanville.  Married with two kids, she discovers that one woman is not enough for her husband.  Caught in a love triangle, her husband ends up leaving her for country star LeAnn Rimes. Continue reading

The Curry Secret – Curry Sauce Recipe

The Curry Secret reveals tips and tricks for you to make Indian restaurant or takeaway style curries at home.

Having tried home made curries with varying degrees of success, I was in search of a recipe for different curry sauce, more like what the restaurants and takeaways produce.

While authentic Indian curries have their own market, there is something very different about the restaurant or takeaway style of curry.  They are not authentic Indian by any means, but they are delicious and well suited to the western palate. Continue reading