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Does it Work? How much weight can you lose with XLS Medical

XLS Medical is a widely available weight loss pill which claims to work as a fat binder.  This means that it is supposed to bind up some of the fat from the meal you just ate.  The bound fat then passes through your system with the rest of the waste.  So in other words, your body has not absorbed that amount of fat, so it did not form part of your daily calorie intake.

So if that’s the case, how efficient is XLS Medical in binding up ingested fat?  And how much weight can you lose as a consequence?

XLS MedicalAccording to the manufacturer’s website for XLS Medical, it can bind up to 27% of the dietary fat you ingest with a meal.

Every meal is going to be different in terms of the amount of fat contained in it, but let’s look at a few examples.

A Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich contains around 235 calories and 16 grams of fat.  If XLS Medical works to its potential, it could bind up 27% of 16 grams of fat, so around 4.3 grams of fat.

Since one gram of fat corresponds to approximately 7.7 calories, the amount of calories saved would be roughly 33.  So a 235 calorie sandwich has become a 202 calorie sandwich.

A supermarket Lasagne contains around 538 calories and 26 grams of fat.  XLS Medical could potentially bind up 7 grams of fat, which equates to 54 calories.  So the 538 calorie lasagne has become a 484 calorie lasagne.

Obviously, the more fat a food contains, the higher the potential amount of fat that could be bound.

Conversely, if you are already eating a fat lean diet, the amount of fat and calories that can be excluded, is smaller.  And these calculations assume that XLS Medical is working to its absolute greatest potential of reducing fat intake by 27%.

But over the course of a day or a week, there is definitely the potential for XLS Medical to reduce your overall calorie intake.

It depends greatly on your diet, but there is the potential for a reduction of between 50 and perhaps 250 calories per day.  At the larger end of this scale, that would equate to around half a pound per week.

So while XLS Medical may not be a complete miracle drug, it has the potential to aid your weight loss program by reducing your calorie intake slightly.  And every little helps.

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