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Elderberry Liqueur Recipe

Elderberry liqueur is a great way to use up those hundreds of elderberries that are ripe and ready in September and October.  And it’s so simple to make as well.

Elderberries are usually ready in mid to late September in the UK, or perhaps early October depending on your region.  You will know they are ready once the berries turn from small and green to fuller plump purple or black.  Just watch out because your time window for picking them will be quite short – the birds are going to see when the elderberries are ready and start picking the trees clean! Continue reading

Storing sugar for the long term

Sugar can be stored for a very long time, but you need to take some precautions to avoid problems.  White granulated sugar, finer caster sugar sugar, brown sugar (Demerera sugar) and even powdered sugar (icing sugar) can all be stored for the long term.

OK so some people may not consider sugar as an essential in their disaster larder. Sugar gets a bad name, but you can bake with sugar, cook with sugar, and generally use sugar to sweeten up otherwise plain food. If you ever need to rely solely on your disaster larder, a little bit of something sweet could be just what you need! Continue reading

Tinned dehydrated meals – Long term food prepping

Tinned dehydrated foods have a really long shelf life and are ideal for long term prepping.

One of the downsides to building up a disaster larder or store cupboard is the limited lifespan of some foods. Store bought foods generally might have 2 or 3 years on them.

This means that, even if you stretch out the dates a bit, you will be rotating foodstuffs in your store every few years. That means extra cost replacing those items and potential waste if it’s not the kinds of food you want to eat in normal, non-emergency circumstances. Continue reading

Best Way to Reheat Leftover Pizza The Next Day

Everybody has their own tried and tested ways of reheating their favourite takeaway indulgence – pizza.

Although the best plan is to eat it straightaway, on the day, if there’s just too much and you want to keep some until the next day, what’s the best way to keep and reheat your pizza?  If it goes wrong, you can end up with a rubbery mess with the pizza dough gone soggy while the cheese and toppings dry out.  Ugghh!  So what do you do? Continue reading

What can you expect at a Table for One?

The experience you will have with a table for one will depend on the restaurant you choose and even the country you are in.

Some countries after all place more emphasis on eating as a social activity, so you sitting in the corner with your one plate of food is frankly weird. But since eating alone is a growing phenomenon, especially in the West, some restaurants are starting to embrace the solo diner. Continue reading