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Why is Burger King so expensive compared to McDonalds and KFC?

Why is it that for a standard meal, Burger King seems to be so much more expensive than other comparable fast food outlets?

Compared to the usual competition in the UK, McDonalds and KFC, it just seems that for what you get, it always seems to cost more.

Not to mention the fact that the burgers seems to be getting smaller as well. But maybe that’s just me?  The last time I opened my Bacon Double Cheeseburger, I initially thought they had made a mistake and given me a kiddies burger, or something, but no, sure enough it was what I ordered.  Just shrunk perhaps…


On the cost front, let’s look at a few comparisons.

Prices quoted are those at my local fast food outlets in August 2013.  These are UK restaurants.  Also, they are standard restaurants in out-of-town retail parks, not motorway services versions, airport versions or anything extortionate like that.


Burger King: Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meal (standard size) including fries and a drink
Price: £5.39

McDonalds: Big Mac Meal (standard size) including fries and a drink
Price: £4.39

KFC: Fillet Burger Meal (standard size) including fries and a drink
Price: £4.39


I know it’s not exactly comparing like with like, as each fast food company has their own unique foods and menus.  Also there will be a range of price points for different menu items and combinations, some will be higher, some will be lower, but I think it’s a fairly decent approximation of reasonably equivalent meals.

So, KFC and McDonalds are around the same price, give or take a few pence. But Burger King is around a pound more expensive for an equivalent meal!

Or to quote it another way, Burger King are around 20% more expensive for a comparable meal!


I am sure Burger King would try to point to the quality of their ingredients, authentic flame grilled taste, etc, etc. But still, 20% more expensive seems a little strange don’t you think?

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  1. Same here in Czechia. Double Cheeseburger that is literally the same size as the one in McD is literally twice the price. No one goes to BK here in my country McD even not the cheapest is still way more affordable than BK.

  2. I ordered a large fry and a medium soda at BK today, and left after the total came up to eight dollars. No fries and soda are worth that much. Unbelievable. They’ve gotten much more expensive over the last few years.

  3. We had food delivered at work today from Burger King. I just fancied a burger so got a double cheeseburger. £5.29 for a burger!!! No fries, no drink…just a burger. It wasn’t all that either.

  4. United States. I live in Las Vegas. Kfc bucket 3 sides 6 briskets $46 us
    2.Mcdonald’s, 2 baby buyers mediam fri and soda $12 us

    3.Burger king. 2 wopers large Fri and large soda $6 us. Second woper is free

    Jack in the box is nasty to me

    Carl’s jr is the best I think out of this line up and cheaper then kfc, cheaper then mcdonald’s, but more then burger king

  5. In Germany Burger King seems to be cheaper than McDonalds. KFC is by far the most expensive here.

  6. Im not gonna lie though, the quality of burger king is much better – Bigger burgers and tastier meat id say – compared to mcdonalds

  7. Nearly £15.00 for a whopper and four small fries (about 8 fries I think), grumpy staff, warm fries.
    I’m coming back, Ronald. I’m sorry.

  8. McDonalds you get 2 adult meals, 2 kids meals and two cheeseburgers for £16. Burger king this costs an incredible £25…comparable in price to a meal at Bella Italia. BK is average quality with minimal chips. Total and utter rip off, really only exist where MD do not have an outlet…

  9. I just went through the drive-thru for a coke, a regular coke, I used Apple Pay without even looking at the price, “how bad could it be?” I thought, it’s only a coke. After I drove away with my 0.4l of coke which included 50ml of frozen water, (yes I measured) I received a notification telling me I’d paid £1.79! That works out at 51p/100ml, ASDA sell it at 9.8p/ml. Absolutely disgusting, it’s not even a motorway services, just a regular BK near my home.

  10. Burger King have always been expensive compared to Mcdonalds
    i only go in BK when they are doing offers-Double cheeseburgers 1.29 instead of 3.65 so i buy 3 of them

  11. you are better off buying it separately double cheese burger £1.29 ect, thats what i think anyway

  12. Motorway services, BK wanted to charge me £12.60 for 2 Cheeseburgers and reg fries. I told them where to push it.

  13. They are ALL a rip-off!

  14. I noticed this as well. I thought maybe Burger King had better ingredients and paid for a meal — burger and fries, which came to about $7 (a comparable meal at McD’s wouild be about $4 or less.)

    The quality was not better — in fact, I felt ripped off.

    I returned my meal and asked for my money back.

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