Hey Burger King – Don’t assume that I want the XL burger all the time

Hey Burger King, if I didn’t ask for the XL burger, I didn’t want the XL burger!

Maybe it’s slightly obvious but I am getting annoyed with my local Burger King and maybe this is a common experience.  There seems to be an assumption that customers want the XL burger when in fact they have only asked for the standard burger.

Depending on your appetite on any given day, you might want the standard size burger or the XL burger from Burger King.  But lately I have seen a trend with my Burger King to assume that customers always want the larger XL burger, even if they didn’t ask for it.

1st example: You go to the Burger King drive through and ask for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal.  The response is “Is that the XL burger?”  You politely reply “No, just the standard burger”.  But you’re thinking “Did I say XL? No! Well maybe that was a good sign that I didn’t want the XL burger. The menu is right in front of me.  I can see that you offer different sizes of burger, and I am capable of describing what I want to eat.  If I had wanted the XL burger I would have asked for the XL burger.”

2nd example: Similar scenario, you ask for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal, pay what seems to be a lot of money and open the bag to discover that they have given you the XL burger meal.  This time, they haven’t even had the decency to ask if you wanted something you didn’t ask for.  They just assumed you wanted something you didn’t ask for, gave it to you and charged you accordingly. Seriously! What are you guys playing at Burger King?

Now I’m not going to deny that there’s times when I ask for the XL burger and enjoy it.  But if I don’t ask for it, I didn’t want it this time, so don’t give me an XL burger I didn’t want!


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