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Lower Back Pain can be caused by Constipation

Have you got really sore lower back pain?  Did it appear suddenly but you have not overexerted yourself?  Could it be the result of constipation?

Have you got a sudden onset lower back pain?  But you haven’t injured your back recently, over-exerted yourself, or haven’t done any physical activity that could affect your back.

Could it be constipation?

Think about it.  When was the last time you went to the bathroom?  Two or three days ago?  More?

How would you describe your lower back pain?  Is it reasonably OK if you are standing up, and moving around.  But if you are sitting down and try to get up, is it really painful?  Do you have to slide sideways off a chair and swing around to try to get stood up.  Are you holding yourself to avoid hurting yourself when getting up and starting to walk?

Constipation is a slowdown or obstruction of the natural bowel system so that waste is not being excreted from the body.  As your system continues to back up, waste is continually being produced, but it has nowhere to go.

As waste builds up in your digestive system, it can exhibit itself as pressure in the lower back region and pain can be the result.  Often extreme back pain.

How to resolve back pain from constipation

Are you sure the problem is potentially related to constipation?  Have you tried pain killers, resting your back, heat packs, etc?

If you’re fairly sure the problem is related to constipation, you will want to try to get your bowel system moving again.  People will have different suggestions for constipation remedies.  Maybe strong filter coffee gets your system going.  Or high fibre foods like baked beans or All Bran.

If you decide to take medicines, you will want a MILD laxative like Lactulose or the equivalent in your country.  But remember to take any medicines in moderation.  You don’t really want to end up with diarrhoea.  And you don’t want to become reliant on laxative medicines.  Just take the minimum amount that will start to get your bowel system moving again.

You will probably end up going to the bathroom a couple of times in a short time.  Whilst the back pain may not completely go away, you should hopefully notice an improvement by the end of the day.  By next morning, all being well, your back pain should be greatly reduced.


If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment below for the benefit of other readers.


Important: If your back pain does not change, stop taking constipation relief medicines.  Make an appointment to see your doctor and let him advise you on a course of action to take.  It is possible that you have strained or injured your back without realising it at the time, so he may suggest anti-inflammatory medicines.  There may be other medical explanations for the pain or further tests or investigations may be required.


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