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Marathon running – Avoid joggers nipple

Runners, protect your nipples!

OK so this was unexpected. Having completed my leg of the marathon relay without any problems, I put on my jacket and make my way back to the car.

It’s a warm day so I take my jacket off for the drive home. I look down and see what looks like spots of blood on the front of my running vest.

Running Vest with Blood

Shocked and surprised, I look down the inside of my vest and it gets worse.

Running vest joggers nipple

A great big patch of blood where the vest has been rubbing against my right nipple and basically rubbing it raw!

I hadn’t felt a thing during the race. Not a thing.

But that had all changed now. The adrenaline had worn off. My nipple was raw and oozing blood from two or three tiny spots. The slightest touch was agony!

Joggers Nipple Treatment – I didn’t have any first aid kit with me. I figured I needed plasters (band aids) and some antiseptic cream. I drove to the nearest supermarket and searched for the medicine shelves. My raw aching nipple zinging every time my T shirt rubbed against it, causing me to wince.

I found what I needed and hurried back to the car to apply the remedy.

Wow, of all the things I was thinking about today, I wasn’t expecting joggers nipple! A couple of days later and it is still sore and very sensitive, but it’s on the mend.

Moral of the story – Protect your nipples when jogging or running! Don’t let them get rubbed raw and bleed. They hurt, really bad… Cover your nipples with plasters or at the very least some petroleum jelly so they don’t get rubbed.

A painful lesson learned.

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