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Share your PPI Success Stories

Do you have a PPI Success Story?  Have you successfully claimed back your missold PPI?

Or has your PPI claim been rejected?  Tell us about it.

If you would like to share your story with our readers, just leave a comment below and tell us about your PPI Claim.

Make sure to include as many relevant, useful or interesting details as possible.  For example, please try to include,

  • Details of who the PPI Claim was against i.e. which bank or financial institution
  • What type of product you had (was it a loan, credit card, etc)
  • What you did (filled in a standard form / wrote a letter)
  • What happened (your PPI Claim was successful or was rejected)
  • Did your bank make it easy or did you have to go through the Ombudsman?
  • How much you got back (optional, but interesting for readers)

Your story can be completely anonymous.  You don’t have to leave your real name, just a first name or nickname will do.

Hopefully these PPI Success Stories will help inspire more readers to make a PPI Claim and reclaim their missold PPI.



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  1. Hi Sarah and Hi Lynn

    We have been living out the country since 2007 ,only on talking to a friend in England last week have I heard about PPI we lived in the same house from 1987 till 2007 20 years with a mortgage and home improvement loans, credit card ,etc do you think I would be able to make a claim Ladies ?

    • Hi Mandy
      You have nothing to lose so go for it. I came across an old credit agreement on the weekend which showed that I had paid PPi. Phoned natwest then RSB and now have a claim going through (the loan was in 2004). Was told by RBS that the loan was a third one taken out with Natwest – the 2 prev ones also had PPI on them (2001) . The process was simple – I answered the questions over the phone and he typed in my answers, I don’t know if i’ll be successful but i have claimed back 2 ppi previously so keeping my fingers crossed.
      I don’t think there’s a time limit and if you have the paperwork/loan ref numbers it’s pretty straightforward to make a claim.

  2. I made a successful claim against Bank of Scotland (HBOS) – I did not use a claim company and re-claimed £11,500 back. I am currently awaiting outcome of several complaints against Natwest (RBS)

    It was easy to complete the process myself

  3. I have made 8 successful PPI claims on loans and credit cards including a successful appeal against the only one one that was initially refused. As a long standing public sector worker, I had no need of PPI and doubt whether I could ever have made a claim.

    I did everything myself, it’s so easy and there is no need to use a claims company. The banks I have dealt with made it easy, especially Barclays who, fair play to them, were extremely reasonable and efficient in processing my claims. In total I have had £60,000 refunded! Yes, £60,000 including a whopping £31,000 from Barclaycard. It’s paid for numerous holidays, funded my decision to take a career break from a job I hated and I still have a nice nest egg in the bank.

    If you are in any doubt or are nervous of doing it yourself, don’t be, it’s child’s play

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