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Tips for an enjoyable Christmas Season

Sit back and recognise when you’re having fun or enjoying something.  Maybe in the middle of Christmas dinner when everything that needs to be done has been done, people are talking, laughing and having fun, look around and with contented pleasure, say to yourself, This is nice!

Take the time to appreciate where you are and who you’re with. Christmas Day only lasts for one day and it’s the same length as every other day. We always think, that day disappeared so fast! And it will. So take a few minutes at various times throughout the day to just recognise that you are enjoying it, it’s Christmas Day, and you’ll have to wait a whole year for another one.



Many people live in a self imposed state of stress in the approach to Christmas.  Between planning for a Christmas dinner, doing the Christmas shopping and having a house full of guests, there can be a lot to deal with. But in all that activity, many people can forget about enjoying themselves. Really enjoying themselves. Doing something that makes them smile, however big or small.



Christmas is not a competition.   Just because Mrs Wasername is doing a goose for 20 people doesn’t mean they are going to have more fun than you. This is not a competition to see who can have the most enjoyment in 24 hours.  Do what you want to do. Yes of course you want your guests to enjoy themselves but you need to enjoy it too. You would be surprised how little people need to enjoy themselves. More than likely they are just glad not to be at work for a few days and in the company of friends or family for a few stress free, relaxing hours.


Remember that time moves on and a lot can happen in a year. The faces sutting around the Christmas dinner table may not be exactly the same next year. Relationships are formed or broken up. People can be torn between multiple commitments. And time inexorably marches on. While we may not want to think of the scenario of death at Christmas, let’s just enjoy and be grateful for all those friends and relations that are with us now, and remember fondly those who have gone ahead.



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