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St Giles Hotel in Central London Review

The St Giles Hotel in London is a really cheap option for a stay right in the heart of London.

Located just 2 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station the hotel is perfectly located with easy access to the Northern Line and the Central Line. So whether you are heading north, south, east or west, you are ideally situated to start your journey across London.

Book direct with the hotel or through a booking site, don’t get ripped off by package tours that will charge over the odds. Continue reading

Is it safe to drink hotel bathroom tap water

So you’re staying in a big hotel, you forgot to buy a bottle of water and thirst has gotten the better of you. There is no complimentary water left, so you do what we all do… You look at the tap or faucet in the bathroom and think…..

“Is it safe? Am I going to get a stomach bug or a dose of the runs if I drink a big glass of hotel tap water? ┬áDo I take the risk and hope for the best?” Continue reading