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Warning: Claiming Flybe missing Avios points from flights

Flybe offer Avios points on eligible flights, but what happens when it all goes wrong?

Have you missed out on Avios points from Flybe because of their ridiculous terms and conditions?

If you have booked a flight with Flybe you may be entitled to Avios points, the scheme which replaced Air Miles several years ago.  You need to make sure to add your Avios account number to the Flybe booking in advance of the flights.

Those Avios points should be credited to your Avios account by Flybe within 30 days of the last flight on your journey, i.e. the return flight of your holiday.

But if nothing has been added to your Avios account by Flybe after 30 days, what do you do?  Can you claim for missing Flybe Avios points?

The answer is that you get on to Flybe ASAP because it turns out that they have a crazy set of terms and conditions that mean most people will unwittingly lose out and not get their Avios points.

Here’s the lowdown on missing Flybe Avios points:

  • You can’t make an enquiry about missing Avios points from Flybe until 30 days have elapsed.
  • You can’t make an enquiry about missing Avios points from Flybe if more than 40 days have elapsed.

Yes, that’s right folks.  You have a 10 DAY WINDOW in which to contact Flybe about missing Avios points, after which they will deny all responsibility!

Now I don’t want to use the phrase Flybe Avios Scam, but those cheeky terms and conditions make must be making the average customer sick to the stomach when they check their Avios account to see no points have been added and find that they are on day 41 and Flybe can use their terms and conditions to say Tough Luck, Sorry Fella!

Not good enough Flybe.  Simply not good enough.

Are you missing Avios points from Flybe flights and been stung by their Terms and Conditions?  Leave a comment and let’s see how common this is.

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One Comment:

  1. It is a scam. There is no reason for me not to have received my Avios. I checked the account no. in my Flybe account and it is correct. Who puts a reminder to check bang on the 30 day mark.

    They should realise this will lose them business. I’ll be avoiding them in the future

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