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When to Replace Slendertone Pads

When should you replace the gel pads in your Slendertone Ab toning belt? Do you need to replace Slendertone pads? How long do Slendertone pads last?

If you have a Slendertone Ab Toning Belt you will know that it comes with three black sticky pads.  These gel pads conduct the stimulation from the belt to your skin and muscles.  One side of these pads sticks to the toning belt and the other side is placed against your stomach when wearing and using the toning belt.

The pads on a Slendertone ab toning belt don’t last forever, unfortunately.  But when exactly should you replace Slendertone pads?

Slendertone Replacement PadsAccording to the manufacturer, the gel pads on a Slendertone belt are expected to last for perhaps twenty to thirty training sessions.

So if you were using the training belt five times per week, you would need to replace the pads after four to six weeks.

In practice however, you may get more or less use out of the pads than that, but it just depends.

One good thing is that the same replacement pads fit most of the common Slendertone Ab Training Belts.  In other words you don’t have to check and double check that the replacement pads you are buying are the right ones for your belt.  These replacement gel pads are used for the Slendertone System Abs, Flex Max, Flex, Gymbody and Start products.

Here are the key things to look out for when considering whether your Slendertone pads need to be replaced.

  • Are the gel pads still sticky?  When you use the belt, do the pads actually stick to your stomach skin?  When you are finished using the belt do you have to peel it off yourself because the pads are well attached?  If so, the pads are still OK.
  • Is the sensation of the toning belt reduced, compared to when the pads were new?  Do you notice that even with the settings turned up you don’t feel very much stimulation through the Slendertone training belt?  If so, your pads are losing their effectiveness and you should probably replace Slendertone pads at this stage.

When you decide to replace Slendertone gel pads eventually, you can get a new set HERE.

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