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Incentives to keep the weight off after being on a diet

If you have been on a diet and lost a bit of weight, one of the hardest things to do is not let it creep back on again.

First of all, Congratulations on your weight loss.  You have done a great thing and I’m sure you feel a bit better for it.  Now how do you encourage yourself to keep the weight off?

I have been on a diet and have lost about a stone in weight.  But more importantly, I have dropped a jeans size.

One of my top tips for encouraging yourself to keep the weight off, is to throw out or give away your old clothes that no longer fit you.

Depending on your weight loss, you will have gone down a jeans size or dress size.  That in itself is fantastic news and a real feel good result.

I have found that I could wear a lot of clothes that were in the cupboard that I thought were never going to be worn again.  And it feels great.

But now I’ve got a load of clothes that are just too big.  I can still wear them, but they look and feel really baggy.

So to encourage myself to keep the weight off, I have decided to give away all those larger jeans to a charity shop.  I fit comfortably in my smaller size, and I see no point in keeping all those older, baggy clothes.

I want to try to stay this weight or lose some more, so all being well, I should not need those larger clothes in the foreseeable future.  I don’t want to be wearing that size of clothes any time soon, so let’s just get rid of them and help a charity in the process.

I hope this acts as an incentive to keep the weight off, knowing that there is no easy return.  Things have gone well with the weight loss, and long may it continue…

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