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Compare weight loss pills

Which weight loss pill is right for you? Should you try Fat binders like XLS Medical, metabolism boosters or appetite suppressors.

With all the weight loss pills on the market that make claims about losing so much weight, which one should you try?

The best weight loss tablet for you will depend on what you are trying to achieve and how you are going about your weight loss.

To compare the weight loss pills, you need to understand how they work and what effect they can have on your weight loss regime.

Fat binding weight loss pills

Fat binders work by locking up a portion of the fat content of your meals. The fat is bound up in the components of the tablet and passes through your digestive system without being absorbed by your body.

In simplistic terms, less fat being absorbed means a lower daily calorie intake. Less calories taken in can lead to weight loss.

But, for fat binding tablets to be really effective, you need to be consuming fat in your daily meals.  If you are already on a low fat diet, the amount of fat that the fat binding pills can absorb is minimal. This will mean that you will not see good results from fat binders if you are already on a fat restricted diet.

So fat binders are more effective for people on normal daily fat intakes.

Metabolism boosting weight loss pills

Many weight loss tablets claim to contain ingredients that speed up your metabolism. A faster metabolism is generally understood to mean that your body burns more calories per day while at rest than a person with a slower metabolism.

Your metabolism is a complex biological and chemical system unique to you. Speeding up your metabolism in the long term is probably not something that dan be accomplished with a simple, over the counter pill. However some of these tablets do contain chemicals that can boost your daily calorie burning, at least in the short term.

Unsurprisingly many of them are caffeine based when you get down into the chemistry. Caffeine can boost your mental alertness along with priming your body for action. This may make you more likely to take a little more exercise, walk a little further, walk a little faster. All of which can contribute to daily calories burnt. More calories expended daily means you are more likely to be losing weight.

Those that are not caffeine based usually rely on similar chemicals. Your experience with metabolism boosters will be dependent on your specific situation. Just don’t expect miracles.

Appetite suppressing weight loss tablets

Appetite suppressors work by trying to fool your mind and body into believing it is full after consuming smaller meals than normal.

The basis is that if you can make yourself feel fuller for longer throughout the day, you are more likely to eat less and not snack between meals.

Generally eating less, combined with a normal level of physical activity, should result in a calorie deficit, more calories burnt than consumed, resulting in weight loss.

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