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How do I find out if I had PPI

Did I have PPI on my loan, credit card, store card or mortgage? How do I know if I had PPI?

These are some of the most common questions asked on here about PPI.

Genuinely many people do not know if they had PPI on their borrowings, what it was, and what to look for on bank statements or letters to find out if they had PPI.

The attraction of potentially large refund payouts has led many people to wonder if they had this PPI that they have heard so much about. In a time where money has been a bit tighter, a payout in the thousands is just what the doctor ordered!

Of course to get a PPI refund you first need to make sure you actually had PPI. Many people try to claim a PPI refund without ever having it in the first place! You won’t get a refund if you didn’t have PPI. And you won’t get a refund unless your PPI was mis-sold. But that is handled in a separate article.

This guide is specifically related to working out if you had PPI. How do you tell if you had PPI? And how to recognise the signs of PPI on your statements.

The easiest way to work out if you had PPI is to look at the monthly statements for your credit card, store card or mortgage.

Look for anything that is being charged separately every month. Just like there might be a separate row on the credit card statement for interest, PPI will be displayed on another separate row.

It might be called Payment Protection, Payment Insurance or something like that.

Here are a few examples.

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