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My 2 Day Diet Experience – Progress Review – Week 1

OK, so I have started doing the 2 Day Diet and it is now the end of Week 1 and time to report on how things went.

Well I have managed to set aside two days out of the week to cut my calories.  Probably the most important thing I did was to plan for those days.  In particular I planned exactly what food I was going to have so that I could plan the calorie intake and hopefully limit myself to just that amount of food.

Week 1 – Diet Day 1

I hadn’t planned terribly well for this first day, but I did manage to pretty much keep to my calorie plan.  Although not having breakfast probably wasn’t a good idea.

Breakfast: 1 coffee

Lunch: Tesco Ready to Eat Fajita Style Chunky Chicken Pieces (270 calories).  I had the full pack.  It’s basically just thick chicken slices with the slightest coating on an outside edge to give some kind of flavour.

Dinner:  Cod Rogan Balti from Marks and Spencer Fuller Longer range (345 calories)

In between: 2 cups of tea

I am allowing maybe 100 calories for the tea and coffee, so overall I had around 700 calories on day one.

I have to say that I was ravenous most of the day and couldn’t wait to get away from work in the evening to get the dinner on.  But I was fine for the rest of the evening.

Week 1 – Diet Day 2

The first diet day was a Tuesday.  I had Wednesday as an ordinary eating day, and the second diet day was the Thursday.  The first day was quite difficult and I was very glad to have the in-between day off.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, a little ham (approx 240 calories)

Lunch: Leek and Potato Soup from Marks and Spencer, the full can (160 calories)

Dinner: Beef and Red Wine Casserole from Marks and Spencer Fuller Longer range (355 calories)

In between: 1 cup of coffee

Overall, a bit less than 780 calories for day two.

The soup for lunch was a great find, a full 400g can of soup for only 160 calories, and it seemed substantial and thick enough to stave off hunger.  Definitely not as hungry today.

End of week summary

So I didn’t stick exactly to calorie limits of 600, but I’m not too bothered about that.  If I can achieve 700 or just over, while still eating what seem like meals, I will be satisfied.

While I don’t want to be over obsessed with my exact weight week by week, it may be useful to record it, just to hopefully see a downward trend over time.

Weight at end of week 1: 179.7 pounds, 12 stone 11.7 pounds or 81.5 kg.

Essentially the same weight as last week, but let’s stick with this for the next few weeks and see how things go.


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