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The Fast Diet / 2 Day Diet – My plan for doing it

Having tried other diets and weight loss methods with limited or no success, I am going to try the Fast Diet, otherwise known as the 2 Day Diet.

I am not grossly overweight or anything like that, but the days of fitting into 32 or 33 inch jeans when I was twenty years old have gradually morphed into accepting that I need 36 inch jeans in my mid thirties. There has been a gradual creep in the gut area. And comparing pictures taken then and now, even my face has gained a little padding.

The first goal is to stop the rot. I accept that I have put on some weight. But I like and enjoy my food and the occasional drink. Most of the food I eat is not particularly healthy. I don’t stuff myself by any means and I don’t drink large quantities of booze. But there are maybe two or three takeaways a week. I don’t play any sports but I do try to get a couple of longer walks a week, weather permitting.

The basis of the Fast Diet or 2 Day Diet is that you eat normally (within reason) for five days a week, but on the other two days you drastically reduce your calorie intake. It is definitely not a fast as such, but rather on the two days a week it is a calorie reduction to around a quarter of normal daily calories.

So for a woman, this means 2000 / 4 = 500 calories, or for a man 2500 / 4 = 625 calories.

These figures are only approximate and a rough guide. Personally I think it will be quite difficult to limit myself to just over 600 calories on these days and still feel like I’ve eaten something, but we will see how it goes.

Starting Measurements

So my starting weight is 179.9 pounds, 12 stone 11.9 pounds or 81.6kg depending on your preferred units.

I am just under six feet tall, so that gives me a BMI of 25.1. I am not particularly concerned about BMI as it is just an indicator. But at present I am just about in the range defined as overweight. And given that I am no athlete, my weight is mostly fat, so defining me as overweight is correct. I would much rather be somewhere in the middle of the Normal range.

Jean size is 36 inches. I have a pair of 34 inch jeans that I would like to wear, so this will be my first goal. At present I would not be able to fit into them and close the button, well certainly not comfortably.


I had not set weight goals, but maybe I should. For the sake of picking a round number, let’s aim for 12 stone exactly. That’s 168 pounds or 76.2kg.

To achieve this weight loss, I need to lose nearly twelve pounds or nearly five and a half kilograms. But most importantly, I want to achieve a weight that is maintainable.

My first aim though, regardless of weight numbers, is to fit comfortably and naturally into the 34 inch jeans I bought. When I get there, I will reassess.


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