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PPI Claim on old Abbey National / Santander Credit Card

In 2012, I made a successful PPI claim on my old credit card.  The credit card was originally taken out in 1998 with Abbey National, which is now Santander.  But in 2001, MBNA took over the running of Abbey National’s credit cards, so my original PPI claim was with MBNA.

You can read about my experience with claiming back PPI from MBNA on my credit card.

MBNA settled my PPI claim and they were going to pass on my complaint to Santander in mid 2012.  Santander (Abbey National) will be responsible for the portion of the PPI premiums paid prior to September 2001.

Nothing happened for a very long time, until out of the blue I received a letter from Santander saying that MBNA had now passed on the detail of my claim and Santander were requesting further information.

The basic upshot was that Santander could not trace the credit card account that I had with Abbey National.  I guess their records from the previous business only go back so far.

So they were asking for copies (if available) of any credit card statements that I had from prior to the handover to MBNA in September 2001.  Basically they were saying that without records in their system, they would have trouble knowing anything about my credit card and any PPI premiums that would have been paid by me to them.

This credit card was taken out in 1998 so that is asking for credit card statements from over 15 years ago!

Fortunately, I have kept my credit card statements from way back.  I don’t know why, but it seems they are now extremely useful.  Without them I would have no proof of even paying PPI on this credit card.

So I have photocopied all of the credit card statements showing the PPI premiums paid to Abbey National from when the card was taken out until September 2001.

All being well, I should hear back from Santander soon regarding my PPI claim.  I will update this post when there is some news.

The letter from Santander read,

Re: Request for further information

I understand you wrote a letter of complaint to MBNA relating to payment protection insurance on your credit card.  MBNA have forwarded a copy of your letter asking us to investigate your concerns.  We received this letter on ……

The Abbey/Alliance & Leicester credit card account were taken over by MBNA Europe Bank Ltd in September 2001/March 2003 and therefore any PPI paid on the card prior to the date will be investigated by Santander.  PPI paid following this date is the sole responsibility of MBNA and you will need to contact MBNA for this if you have not already received a response.  Their contact details are:

MBNA Europe Bank Ltd, Stansfield House, Chester Business Park, Chester, CH4 9FB

We have searched our records against the information provided and unfortunately we have been unable to identify the credit card to which you believe Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy has been attached.

If you are able to provide any evidence of PPI premiums paid prior to September 2001/March 2003 we will be happy to investigate your complaint.  If you still hold statements for this account, please provide us with copies of as many of these statements as possible.  Without these statements we are unable to complete a full investigation into your complaint.

We would be grateful if you could supply the information within the next 14 days.  Once we receive your information, we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  We look forward to hearing from you and receiving the relevant documentation.

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  1. Hi I had a an Abbey national credit card and I wrote to MBNA. They replied investigated and as a “Goodwill gesture” they sent me a cheque. They informed that the card was not taken out with them but with Abbey. MBNA passed on my complaint and I had a letter from Santander regarding complaint. I filled in the form and sent it to them

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