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PPI Cold Calling Phone Messages – Just Press 5

I have started to receive PPI cold calling automated messages on my home phone voice mail.  It’s starting to get annoying now, they must be coming at least every week.  But I have read about people that are receiving them 3 or 4 times a day!

The message goes something like this,

NatWest, Barclays, HSBC and Lloyds TSB customers – After losing the PPI court case all UK major banks are offering full automatic refunds on all PPI policies. To get your full refund within 12 weeks press 5 or press 9 to be removed from our database. Start your claim now by pressing 5.

It is a spam message, obviously.  And these companies should not be playing automated calls.  This may even be illegal.

I have always been out when the call comes in, but I have often wondered what actually happens if you press 5 or 9.  If it is like many other phone scams out there, it is quite likely that they will connect you to a premium rate service where you will be charged a load of money.  They will keep you on the line, playing an automated message while you think you are in a queue.

The big surprise comes when you get your phone bill.

These people are not trying to help you with a PPI claim I would bet.  And they have to be making money somehow, so it is most likely from a premium rate service.

So just don’t press 5, just ignore them.  Over even better report them.

For that matter, don’t press 9 either…



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  1. You don’t get charged if you press 5. Read the advice from Offcom if you are unsure what happens.

  2. my 97 year old mother received one of these calls – fortunately I was there as they said something was wrong with her phone and to press 5.. she was frightened what is happening in the world these days

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