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Reclaim £1000’s in mis-sold PPI – How to Claim

Mis-sold PPI could mean you are due a big refund from your bank.

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) was designed to provide cover in the event that you couldn’t meet your monthly credit commitments, but the misselling of PPI has become one of the biggest scandals in the personal finance market in recent years.

PPI was sold at the time you applied for store cards, credit cards, loans, mortgages and similar credit facilities. With PPI you paid an additional premium every month so it cost you a money on a regular basis over a potentially long period of time.

The problem with PPI was that on many occasions the applicant didn’t need Payment Protection Insurance. Or even if you had PPI you might have been unable to make a successful claim on the insurance. This is called mis-sold PPI. You can reclaim your mis-sold PPI for FREE!

Check out our guide to see if you were missold PPI.

It’s important to check that you have a valid PPI claim before starting the claim process to avoid disappointment. First, make sure you actually had Payment Protection Insurance. And second, make sure at least one of the misselling reasons for PPI applies to you and your financial scenario.

You could be due a refund of your PPI premiums if it was mis-sold PPI, and that refund could be thousands of pounds!

Your monthly PPI premiums may not have seemed like a lot at the time but if you had a credit agreement that lasted for several years they will soon add up. And when you add the interest that’s due, the total Payment Protection Insurance refund you could reclaim just gets larger.

Check out our PPI Calculator to see how much you might be due.

Reclaiming mis-sold PPI is easy and you can do it yourself from home for FREE!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on a PPI claims management company. They can’t do anything more than you can do yourself. And no matter how many times they say No Win No Fee, there’s always a catch…

Just fill out the PPI Claim Form with all of the information about yourself and your credit agreement that had PPI on it, check that everything has been completed and that it is accurate and truthful, and send off the PPI form to your lender. Check our resources for PPI addresses for all common lenders.

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