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XLS Medical Side Effects

XLS Medical Side Effects – XLS Medical is a new weight loss helper pill, but an important consideration before trying it is whether there are any XLS Medical Side Effects.

XLS MedicalXLS Medical is manufactured from naturally derived cactus leaves which are intended to be very gentle on your digestive system with few side effects.

It is certified as a Medical Device Class IIa and combined with the fact that it originates from an organic plant source, XLS Medical is generally considered to be a well-tolerated product by your body.

XLS Medical Fat Binder pills had to pass several safety tests according to international standards for medical device safety as part of the whole certification process.

XLS Medical is highly rich in dietary fibre, so it is essential that users of this fat binding drug drink plenty of water during the day and especially for a period of time after taking the tablets.  This is designed to minimise the side effects.  However there appears to be very little data available on just how much is ‘plenty of water’ but you should be thinking about at least a pint, probably more to be honest.

The XLS Medical Side Effects

Failure to drink sufficient water, along with the increased fibre intake from taking XLS Medical can have side effects, the symptoms of which include constipation, stomach pain and flatulence.

Although fibre is usually associated with preventing constipation, the body’s digestive tract still needs a certain amount of fluids to help move things along.  With too much fibre in the system, the amount of fluid can reduce to the extent that your intestines essentially become blocked up, causing stomach cramps and constipation.

It is recommended that six tablets of XLS Medical per day is the absolute maximum that should be consumed.

Also, after every 30 days of consumption of XLS Medical it is highly recommended that you stop taking the tablets for a period of at least 3 to 5 days, perhaps even a week.  This will allow your body to recover from the abnormally high consumption of dietary fibre.

People have also reported side effects such as stomach ache while taking XLS Medical.  It is possible that this is a symptom of the constipation resulting from not drinking enough water, but if there are any doubts, consult your doctor or health professional.


Comparison with Alli Side Effects and XLS Medical Side Effects

So far, with XLS Medical there does not seem to be evidence of the same unpleasant side effects that are associated with Alli.  People have not reported the same loose movements or even the dreaded anal leakage.


Summary of XLS Medical Side Effects

Constipation appears to be the main reported side effect of taking XLS Medical, so bear this in mind before trying this weight loss pill.  You will need to increase your daily water intake to balance the increased fibre intake.

As with any weight management pill, you should consult your doctor or health professional before beginning to take XLS Medical, just to be on the safe side.

If you experience any unusual side effects with XLS Medical, it would be wise to stop taking it and discuss the side effects your doctor or health professional as soon as possible.


Have you experienced any other XLS Medical side effects?  How would you rate this weight loss drug?

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  1. im on day one omg im in agony. my stomach looks 6 months pregnant and hurts xx

  2. I just got the xsl medical max strength so far I’ve seen no weight loss and are now having a lot of stomach pain and bloating, even though I’ve drank plenty. Sorry but il be now stopping them very disappointed.

  3. Sam I’m exactly in the same place! 3 pregnancy tests later! And tears?

  4. Can anybody tell me if xls medical can delay your periods ? I have always had regular periods and since I’ve been using this I suddenly have not got one

  5. Hi , am interested in buying this product , but am not sure how it works. .bse there many tablets out clinically proven but how can I be sure it will help me to lose weight. I hope to hear from u.

  6. Does this weight loss pill xls medical really work? I am thinking of trying it.
    Any alternative you would recommend? Thanks

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