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What are the benefits of a CPP Identity Protection Policy?

If you have received a letter from CPP about a CPP Identity Protection Policy you may be wondering what exactly an Identity Protection Policy is.  What does it cover?  What are the benefits of a CPP Identity Protection Policy?

The CPP Identity Protection letter summarises cover as follows;

Summary of typical identity protection policy benefits

• Access to your Experian credit report and the option to register for text or email alerts when there are significant changes to your credit report. You must register online to become eligible to benefit from the online protection features.

• Access to an identity fraud helpline.

• Registration on a national fraud database if you lose identification documents or think your identity is being misused.

• Access to a fraud case worker to assist if identity theft occurs, with access to a home visit service in more complex identity theft cases.

• Cover for some out of pocket expenses including legal expenses up to the value of £60,000 that are incurred when dealing with identity theft. Cover is up to the value of £500 per week to cover loss of earnings for a maximum of six weeks.

Key exclusions and additional information for identity protection

• The policy does not cover any debt taken out in your name. In most cases, your bank will return any money stolen from your bank account. The cover provided is for out of pocket expenses incurred in proving that your identity was used fraudulently.

• The policy does not cover existing cases of identity theft.

• The policy does not cover legal costs unless agreed first.

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