Lose stomach fat in men and women – Fast belly fat loss tips

It can sometimes seem like losing belly fat from the body is hardest to achieve, but in reality it’s not. It’s just that there tends to be more fat in this area, a thicker layer, so any reductions don’t seem as noticeable at first.

Our bodies are configured to lay down fat in different regions of the body in different percentages. This varies between the sexes, but also can vary from person to person. This means that some people will be predisposed to accumulating more fat in the belly area than others. But those other people are still accumulating fat, it’s just in other areas, so instead of belly fat they get it in the legs or butt! Continue reading

Tips for How to Avoid a Hangover

So you’re planning a night out. You’ll be having a few drinks, or maybe more than a few! You want to have a fun night out, but you would really like to avoid the hangover the next day. It really spoils the next day, especially if you have to go to work, if you are suffering with a hangover. So what can you do to avoid a hangover? Continue reading

XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets – What are they?

What is XLS Medical?

XLS Medical is a fat binding weight loss pill.

XLS Medical fat binder acts to reduce the absorption of fat from your meals through your stomach and intestines.

If you have a diet with a normal amount of fat content in it, XLS Medical fat binder can bind up a percentage of that fat, so that it passes straight through your guts, rather than being absorbed by the body. Continue reading

Why do I feel more hungry on days I eat breakfast?

I have been going without breakfast for around 15 years, basically since I left university and started work.  I tend to get up shortly before I need to leave the house.  Just enough time for a shower, etc, and then out the door.  There just doesn’t seem like there is time for the ritual of breakfast, so I have been skipping it.

I’ve recently started a trial of eating breakfast and strangely I am now starving hungry at different points in the day! Continue reading

Does it Work? How much weight can you lose with XLS Medical

XLS Medical is a widely available weight loss pill which claims to work as a fat binder.  This means that it is supposed to bind up some of the fat from the meal you just ate.  The bound fat then passes through your system with the rest of the waste.  So in other words, your body has not absorbed that amount of fat, so it did not form part of your daily calorie intake.

So if that’s the case, how efficient is XLS Medical in binding up ingested fat?  And how much weight can you lose as a consequence? Continue reading

It’s no holiday for a disabled person’s carer on holiday

This is an article about the experiences of a carer going on holiday with a disabled person.

I am hesitant writing about this subject because different people will have different experiences.  No part of this is meant to be offensive in any way.  It is purely based on my own personal experience, some of which you may agree with, some which you may not.

So getting that bit out of the way, I want to share my thoughts and experiences as a carer taking holidays with a disabled person. Continue reading

XLS Medical Side Effects

XLS Medical Side Effects – XLS Medical is a new weight loss helper pill, but an important consideration before trying it is whether there are any XLS Medical Side Effects. Continue reading