Belfast Marathon Relay Changeover Parking Suggestions

Where do you park for the Belfast Marathon Relay changeover points?

The official Belfast Marathon website will tell you that transport is provided from Ormeau Embankment early in the morning on race day. But what if you don’t live in Belfast, or don’t want to get to your relay changeover point hours before you need to be there?

Where can you park close to the relay changeover points? Continue reading

Marathon running – Avoid joggers nipple

Runners, protect your nipples!

OK so this was unexpected. Having completed my leg of the marathon relay without any problems, I put on my jacket and make my way back to the car.

It’s a warm day so I take my jacket off for the drive home. I look down and see what looks like spots of blood on the front of my running vest. Continue reading

Tinned dehydrated meals – Long term food prepping

Tinned dehydrated foods have a really long shelf life and are ideal for long term prepping.

One of the downsides to building up a disaster larder or store cupboard is the limited lifespan of some foods. Store bought foods generally might have 2 or 3 years on them.

This means that, even if you stretch out the dates a bit, you will be rotating foodstuffs in your store every few years. That means extra cost replacing those items and potential waste if it’s not the kinds of food you want to eat in normal, non-emergency circumstances. Continue reading

Compare weight loss pills

Which weight loss pill is right for you? Should you try Fat binders like XLS Medical, metabolism boosters or appetite suppressors.

With all the weight loss pills on the market that make claims about losing so much weight, which one should you try? Continue reading